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Why you should NOT buy JIO mobile even at 1500

Do not BUY jio 1500 mobile phone
waste of time and money for JIO 1500 mobile by

1: We are today in India getting access to Internet speed around 16 MBPS  using 4G technology. We use this speed to watch LIVE games, TV , NEWS, broadcast ourselves, video calling and watch Videos.

2: And Reliance JIO have introduced a Feature Phone with screen size only 2.4 inch ( diagonally ) . This screen size is so small that only incoming numbers may be displayed properly.

3: It is impossible to see any video properly. Forget TV channels , news and CNBC where for stocks updates you need to add on Microscope to your eyes.

4: Please NOTE . This Feature Phone of JIO does not have HOTSPOT facility. So there is no question of connecting this JIO phone to your laptop, other smart phones etc in your house or mobile.

5: That means JIO 1500 mobile is targeting only senior citizens who just want to use this phone for Calling and SMS. Then why take Plans of 149 per month for 28 days ?

6 There are several other mobile service providers , which are offering unlimited calling and 100 SMS in just 99 per month. You don’t need to BUY new phone by paying INR 500 in advance.

7: Ironically JIO 1500 Phone was introduced by the Young Son and Daughter of Mr. Mukesh Ambani . Finding this JIO Phone with them, after this introduction day is out of question. Infect this phone needs to be introduced by Mrs. Nina Ambani for practical reasons.

8: To watch JIO TV on BIG screen ( existing TV in your house ), you need to BUY extra cable which will connect to this JIO 1500 Feature phone. If you pay INR 309 per month you get only 1 GB per day of 4G speed. So that means you will be able to see on 3-4 hours of TV every day.

9: So if any Senior Citizen wants to see LIVE darshan or kirtan on any Religious TV channel, then this will not work. So why just not buy subscription of any Digital TV like Airtel or Tata Sky in just 199 and see unlimited TV full month.

10: Even Senior Citizen wont like such JIO 1500 phone which is actually of NO use.

11: This phone have single SIM. Which is very impractical . This have internal storage of 4GB and can be expendable to 128 GB . For what we need such storage ? 2 megapixel camera in the phone is a shame in today’s time. Photos or video taken by this phone are absolutely bad. So no need of storage actually.

12: JIO feature phone is powered by the 1.2GHz Spreadtrum SPRD 9820A/QC8905 dual-core processor with Mali-400 GPU and 512MB of RAM . These are not at all interesting,  as we will move on to artificial intelligence in just few years.

13: Speak to the JIO 1500 feature phone and it will call your specific number. So once calls get finished one of the user have to really push the DISCONNECT button. There is no way you can do this by calling to your JIO phone ” Bas beta bahut ho gaya – Stop son its done ”

laugh at JIO feature phone
laugh at JIO feature phone





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