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Shaving Cream by Godrej Consumer Products LTD

Hello Godrej Consumer Products division.

Kindly NOTE that your plastic tube quality is getting worse day by day. It has been second time that my shaving cream’s top HEAD broke and got fixed with the top cover cap.

This made it impossible to close the cover of the Shaving cream tube. And so almost all amount of cream left in the tube got wasted.

Please do improve the quality of shaving cream Tube immediately or else consumers may STOP buying the Godrej Shaving cream completely.

Also request you to PayTM the amount of total two shaving cream at my number 8200966501 . My name is Nikhil and i am a well wisher.

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One Thought to “Shaving Cream by Godrej Consumer Products LTD”

  1. Jatin prajapati

    Please NOTE that , the consumers complain was noted by the Godrej R and D department.

    They not only called the consumer, asked all details, and also sent two NEW shaving cream of same brand as goodwill gesture,

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