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India participated in 2017 Russian army games

India participated in 2017 Russian army games.

A total of 19 countries including China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Mangolia, Israel ,South Africa  showcased their prowess, skills and endurance on the tanks in the event this year.

The Indian Army team has been participating in this competition for the past three years and stood sixth in the previous year.
The competition simulates actual battle field conditions involving driving at high speed and entails switching from one mode of operation to another at a fast pace.

The Indian team has been selected through a rigorous selection process and has also been trained over a period
of three months, to achieve fine blend of equipment performance and crew expertise.

The training curriculum has been formulated in a scientific manner bringing out the true man and machine combination. The Tank Biathlon competition involves firing of tanks on the move by conventional machine guns and
anti tank projectiles at a range of two kilometers, whilst negotiating rugged obstacles.

These are T 20 Tanks, made in Russia and named as Bhisma . Indigenous Tank Arjuna MBT 70 tonn could not participate.  Sometimes its not all about the machine. Its about the tank commander

India has won by hitting all targets. India has won 2nd place this year with 21 minutes 43 seconds timing.


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  1. Rahul

    china was also there . There Tank wheel came out during competition.

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