JIO recharge POP up blockMobile phones 

Remove annoying JIO recharge POP up in Android mobile

POP up block in Android
Block JIO recharge POP up in android mobile phones
How to BLOCK JIO sim app notifications
How to BLOCK JIO sim app notifications

This POP up is annoying . It appears everytime on your mobile phone. Even if you you have already recharged, still it appears .

How to Block this and similar POP up from other advertisers.

1: You need to go to SETTINGS. In almost all Android mobile phone, this you will find in top Right corner, when you slide down the notification screen ( slide your hand from top edge towards bottom edge ) .

2: In the SETTING page, you need to search APPs. Click the APP icon and you will see list of all APPS which are installed in your mobile phone.

3: Search for JIO sim card type APP. Check the image attached with this post.

4: Open this JIO sim APP and then BLOCK its background usage. Or Simply BLOCK this APP to show notifications.

Then this POP will not appear again. Similarly you may BLOCK others APP one by one for any annoying features.


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