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Myths about laptop batteries – Please read

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This I have noticed my self while buying my third laptop from TATA croma in Vadodara city. The Executive who sell the laptop specially told me that Laptop must not be kept on electric plug full time.

Means if the battery is showing FULL indication, then it is advised by the executive to switch off the main plug. Let the laptop run on Battery. This process will make the battery more healthy and will run more number of years.

I asked him the reason which he himself was not very clear and stated that the Laptop company want them to say this.

He also stated that the battery will run for 3000 cycles only . This means that If the battery recharges 3000 times, then the battery life will end .

So the executive statements were completely contradictory.

Actually Laptop Battery is fitted for a user to work  when electric current is not available or laptop need to be used where electric plug is not available.

Other wise laptop should be used with electric current only, other wise your battery will discharge and when you electric current is not available, you will not be able on important assignments.

My suggestion is to use on battery when very very required and keep the cycle usage as less as possible. This will keep battery healthy and will run more years.

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  1. Rahul

    Interesting fact about Laptop battery. Keep it up

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