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Due to rapid developments in technology and high competition, projector head lights are making their way into many mid-range and entry-level motorcycles. But, what exactly are projector headlights? How do they differ from conventional head lights? Are they better? If so, why are they better.

To explain the difference, first let us understand what headlamp housing is. Housing is basically where the bulb is mounted. They are mainly of two types, namely reflectors and projectors.

Reflectors are the most common type of head lights and are also the cheapest. The light bulb is mounted in a housing with reflective surfaces around it. These surfaces reflect the light forward and onto the road.

Projector head lights are now being offered in a lot of performance motorcycles. They are more expensive than the reflector head lights. They literally project the light on the road. Here, the bub is housed in a “projector bowl” which reflects the light towards the projector lens. As a result, a sharp beam of light is projected on to the road. The projector is usually removable. The output of a projector lamp is far superior to reflectors. For example, if a conventional halogen reflector has a spread length of 50 meters, a Projector headlamp will have a spread length of about 75-100 meters. Projector head lights are also generally more attractive than plain halogen reflectors.

Generally all reflector type housing makes use of halogen bulbs. Projector head lights generally make use of HID/Xenon lamps that provide a white beam of light rather than the yellow light from halogen bulbs.

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