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HD resolution

Maybe you’re too young to remember, little whippersnapper, but television didn’t always look this good. Just flip to the standard-definition channel on your cable box and experience what we old coots had to live with for most of our lives. It took a massive amount of time and money, but those beautiful high-resolution images are now ubiquitous.

Moreover, it’s easy to see the difference between standard-def and HD resolutions, especially on big screens. The difference between HD and 4K resolutions is much tougher to spot.

Big screens

Ever since HDTV debuted, first with rear-projection and now with flat-panel technologies such as LCD, screens have gotten bigger — and big screens have gotten cheaper.

Most people buying a main TV today can afford a 60- or even 70-inch screen, bringing massive, immersive images into more homes than ever. As we tell people to all the time, the best way to spend your money on an HDTV is to get a bigger screen.

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