Infosys Driven by NO VALUES – must read all investors


1: Founders  have worked hard for thirty years and were frugal about every penny and here Rajiv Bansal was getting 30 times the pay ( watch the Video ) .

2: The founders  found that David helped Vishal Sikka increase his salary through a postal ballot silently in February 2016 without even allowing for a debate at the AGM.

3: Vishal Sikka’s RSU was going to be a dud as the company was not meeting its target revenue and margin goals. Not a penny of automation revenue is even from automation.

4: David Kennedy is a liability and Vishal Sikka and Seshasayee negotiate a handsome settlement with him. David Kennedy agrees to go away.

5: Vishal Sikka used to fly private jets for holidaying and wife’s business tours. All the expenses were born by Infosys.

Money hungry CEO feeds on investors money.

A:Mr. Narayan Murthi dissolves the current Board members and ask investors to forget past and promise to  regain  international brand.

B: The above series of incident and more to come ( check video ) , have actually made the Panaya ( Israeli software  company ) fraudulent deal completely silent.

B: Investors to Infosys feel cheated and want an answer from the founders.

C: Can you let go such financial frauds by just taking Exit Interviews ?

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