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Edge browser by Microsoft have many serious issues

Edge browser from Microsoft need to sort out some basic issues.

There is no option of saving the already opened pages as SAVED pages. As it is in Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

There is one option in Edge, where one need to COPY / PASTE links one by one into settings. This process is cumbersome. And once you have saved the links and edited the setting to open the saved pages, it still does not work well.

FaceBook page if opened in Edge showed one serious issue. If one wants to change the Profile photo or Page cover, the dialog box for choosing the file from computer keeps coming and again. Even if the file pixels are up to the mark for facebook cover page, the dialog box would keep on coming again. You need to finally SHUT the browser Edge forcefully by using windows task manager.

Please do write in comments, if such issues are faced by you while using Edge browser.

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One Thought to “Edge browser by Microsoft have many serious issues”

  1. Rahul

    edge is not so popular. Even the laptop sellers advise customers to download google chrome browser. Microsoft may loose its market once google comes up with their PC solution which runs all softwares by Adobe, Autodesk, Coral etc.

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