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Children today after school should enroll in Sports activities nearby

sports activity after school by tetnology.com

It is usually noticed. After coming from school and taking rest or food, kids are sent to tuition ( extra study – or special study on particular course ) .

This is usually common in those families where kids starts watching TV or play games on mobile phones, after coming back from school. Parents want them to avoid watching TV or play on mobile which they feel will make them lazy or inactive.

So specially mothers who wants peace in the house, would arrange for extra study ( tuition ) for kids, where kids go for 1 or 2 hours. This tuition time increases gradually adding many more subjects, as kids start growing up. Parents feel their kids should gain better marks in all passing examinations.

Such instances makes children away from sports activities as they think either less time for sports or its a waste of time playing sports.

Today many sports activities are made available near to society or in the city . Like huddle sports arena, InstaSports, leh leh sports and Duplays.

Parents need to frame group of nearby children and encourage them to book such sports arena for hour or two. These sports arena provides transportation, sports material – equipment’s, world class fields and training if required.

This article need to be justified with comments and suggestions. As children are future and balance of sports with education can only make them healthy and wise.

Please do write comments and share this article with all parents and children.


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