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Android mobile phones Most wanted features

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1: Un breakable body and screen, if free fall upto 3 meters.

2: All commands should be responded by Voice commands. Including Alarm set and alarm close. Mobile phone should respond to voice commands features upto a range of 6 meters or so.

3: Water resistant upto 3 feet ( 1 meter )  under water for atleast 30 minutes.

4: Option to keep Screen  OFF  ( forcefully ) while using blue tooth ( call hearing devise ) . Presently all android phones screen ON’s when calls or message comes and screen again becomes ON when call gets disconnected. This messes with the apps which keeps on opening when mobile kept in pocket or purse.

5: In case of accident, the mobile phone should record the heavy sound, exceeding jerk motion. The mobile phone should respond immediately . Send Message to known contacts and nearest Hospital with sound recording and exact location map.

Write in comments about how you see your future mobile phones to be. is committed to observe and retaliate to nonsense technology which effects health.


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One Thought to “Android mobile phones Most wanted features”

  1. Rahul

    all mobile phone manufacturer’s should make these five points mandatory.

    6 Please do add feature like Mobile Phone itself can be used as Projector on white screen.

    7 Mobile phone should have magnet panel back side. So that one can fix on fridge temporarily and prepare food looking at recipe videos.

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